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Warning - this will be long and pic-heavy. Enter at own peril!

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I'm not entirely sure just where this last week or so has got to - I'm sure it was here a moment ago...

I had a very lovely fannish few days last weekend when Sue and Carol came to stay - and Marnie also popped down to join us for a bit. We watched many, many DVDs, and some of them were even The Professionals. We also visited St Fagans for a glorious sunny spring day out. I didn't take any photos, though - but I have still got a few holiday photos to share, so here, have those instead.

During my week in Wroxham, I took to taking a stroll along the tow path every day, sometimes with the dogs, sometimes on my own, just because it was so peaceful and pretty. I took a stack of photos of the views along the riverbank, so here's a selection.
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In Other News, Flickr has massively increased its allocation of filespace for free accounts, which means I can start adding images to my long dormant account again... (not that I, you know, needed new places to show off my photos, but what the heck).

In Other Other News, I am still having to keep the house permanently spotless because of Viewings. Another one this morning. Fun and games!

In Other Other Other News, congratulations to my cousin Gareth and his partner Nina on the birth of their 3rd child, Lara, a sister for Luca and Evan. So prolific, my family is. In the last 17 years we've averaged at least one baby a year, sometimes two, between all the many branches of the family tree!
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I know, I know, these holiday picspams are going on forever! What can I say? We packed a lot into a week and I like taking photos and showing them off!

One of the places we went during our week in Norfolk was Bressingham, the home of Blooms, which is a nationwide garden centre chain. Heh, I visited the Cardiff branch just last weekend, in fact! Bressingham is the home of the original garden centre, though, established by Alan Bloom, with his sons Robert and Adrian continuing to build up the family business after him. But the thing about Blooms of Bressingham is that it isn't just a garden centre. There's the garden centre, sure...but then there's also the gardens of Bressingham Hall, which are stunning, and there is also a steam museum - and it is also the home of the Official Dad's Army Collection!

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One of the things that we did on our holidays in Norfolk the other week was spend a day on the ancestry trail, because my mum's grandfather came from Norfolk and retained strong links with the family back there for the rest of his life.

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Norwich Cathedral, 30 April 2013
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Africa Alive, near Lowestoft, Norfolk - 2 May 2013
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Well, since arriving home from holiday on Saturday, I have managed to strain my elbow and developed conjunctivitis, so returning to work after rest and relaxation is clearly bad for the health! So I shall soothe my aches and pains with another holiday picspam, again centred around the River Bure. The house we stayed at was situated at the marina, and came with a small motor launch attached, so we spent a fair bit of time pootling around on the river. We never went very far - well, you'd be hard put to go far when the maximum speed limit is only 5 miles per hour, and that's only away from the built-up areas, where it's down to just 1mph!

Imagine living in one of these waterfront houses, each with boat and boathouse attached and their own private jetties...
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Last but not least - here's our little Ruby making the best of being forced to come boating with us!
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So I spent last week on holiday on the Norfolk Broads, and a gorgeous part of the country it is, too. So flat! I'm used to hills and mountains, but Norfolk is just flat, as far as the eye can see. Flat and watery, and it was on the edge of one of those waterways that we were staying: at Wroxham, which sits along the river Bure about 8 miles outside of Norwich.

This is the building we stayed at, pictured at about 6am, when the sun was just rising and a fine mist hung over the water - it was cold, but so beautiful!

A couple more views around the town and river, also at 6am in the early morning mist.

And a view back toward the house from the bridge over the river Bure

And that was just a taster of the hundreds of photos I took last week!


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