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One of the things I've had occupying my mind for the last few months has been a writing project - a Doctor Who story. It came out of nowhere and then ate my brain, and all because I enjoyed the too-short season that the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry spent together and wanted to see them interacting a bit more and sharing more adventures together. It kind of grew from there. I'm still kind of just easing back into the whole creative writing malarkey, so I wanted a very simple plot that would allow me to practice trying to capture the character voices - that would allow me to delve into and explore the characters and their interactions and group dynamics, that would keep them moving and thinking and making choices and bouncing off one another, learning more about each other and about themselves and what they're capable of, a situation they could become fully immersed in, in a way that rarely seems to happen with Doctor Who these days.

So I wrote this story and hope it works - I'm pleased with how it's turned out. It may not be the most exciting or dramatic sci fi plot ever, but it does what I wanted to for the characters. Sarah's journey through the story is all about resilience, about digging deep, stepping up and taking responsibility, whether equipped for the task or not. Harry's is about assessing his time with the Doctor and what he's gained from it. And as for the Doctor...well, this is all in a day's work for him.

Characters: Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan
Rating: PG
Summary: En route to Scotland, the TARDIS accidentally lands the Doctor, Sarah and Harry in the middle of a desperate struggle for freedom on the other side of the galaxy.
Spoilers: This story is set immediately after the season 12 serial 'Revenge of the Cybermen', slotting in before the season 13 premiere 'Terror of the Zygons'
Wordcount: 57,447
Disclaimer: The Doctor, his TARDIS and his companions belong to the BBC. I have borrowed them for this story and am making no profit from this.
With thanks to Sue for support, advice and encouragement

Read The Freedom of Lindos at:
Teaspoon (the Doctor Who fanfiction archive), or
my website
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