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My Dad's cousin Kay has been sorting through all her mum's stuff since she died just before Christmas (that was my great-aunt Marj), and she's started scanning a bunch of old photos and posting them on Facebook for the family - much as I did with Lel's photo collection a couple of years ago. Marj's dad Alf lived with her in his old age, so she ended up with all the old family photos from that side of the family, which means the pictures Kay is putting up now are of a branch of the family I'd not seen many photos of before now - including my own grampy as a toddler, the youngest picture I've ever seen of him.
Browning-possAlfred, Edith, Arthur, Kenneth
My gramp is the little dwt standing in front of his father - looking at the ages of the children, it must have been sometime in 1917 - my grampy Arthur would have been two years old in Dec 1916 and his brother Kenneth was born in Sept 1916; they are pictured with their parents, Alf and Edith, who'd have been only 23 and 21 years old at the time. I've always thought I mostly took after my nanna Vera's side of the family, but looking at Edith here...well, I can see myself, put it that way!

For comparison, this is the family again about 20 years later, in the late 1930s - by which time it had grown exponentially! Edith was notorious around Splott, where the family lived, for always having one in the pram, one on her hip and another one on the way!
1930s - Browning - Alf, Edith and children -Stanley, Kenneth, Cyril, Ivy, Robert, Arthur, Philip, Marion, George, Marjorie

I'd always known that my great-grandfather Alf served in the First World War - he was gassed and was never quite the same after, so the stories go. I'd never seen any pictures of him in uniform before - but Kay has scanned quite a few.
Browning-possAlfred1 Browning-possAlfred3

There aren't any younger pictures of Alf, but there is one of his parents, Thomas and Lavinia, taken probably sometime in the 1880s or 90s, when the family was still living in Bristol (they'd moved to Cardiff by 1901)
Browning-possThomas and Lavinia1 - 1890s

And there is also a rather sweet photo of my great-grandmother Edith as a child - she was born in 1896 and looks to be maybe 6 years old here, or thereabouts?

I'm now interested to see what else Kay turns up!
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