Jun. 19th, 2017 10:46 am
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Too hot, too hot. So instead of doing any of the things I should be doing, I'm going to throw out some thoughts on Poldark, season three so far.

Epsiode 3x01 )

Episode 3x02 )
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Is it mean-spirited to spend Halloween hiding in the back room with all the lights switched off? I just really kind of resent the commercial hijacking of an ancient pagan tradition - and I especially resent that it's become an excuse for all the neighbourhood kids to learn extortion. So I'm hiding.

I haven't updated in a while, since free time is becoming a rare commodity. I have found time to check out the new Doctor Who spin-off, though - Class is currently airing on Saturdays on BBC3. I think I'm well and truly past the target demographic, but I'm enjoying it anyway, it's been promising so far. I've always enjoyed Katherine Kelly's work and I'm loving her as Miss Quill, and I like the other characters too (although the show does fall into the eternal telly trope of hiring 20-somethings to play teenagers). Plus, it's the first high school show I've ever seen that actually reflects the kind of ethnic demographic that was my personal high school experience, so there's that (in my A'level history class there were eight students, of which two were white, the rest from a variety of backgrounds - none of us noticed until the teacher pointed it out, because we didn't think of each other that way). And, you know, it's the Whoniverse. I'm liking it more than I liked the last few seasons of the main show!

Also on my tellybox currently is the second season of Poldark, which is still very beautiful and all the actors are very lovely, and the show is doing a better job of balancing and interweaving sub-plots than it did in season one, although it continues to deviate from the source material in sometimes inexplicable and damaging ways - I really wish Debbie Horsfield had more faith in Graham's novels as written. I also wish she'd read the entire series before attempting to adapt it! She has admitted she only read each book as she adapted it, and it shows - she's had to backpeddle more than once as a result of this approach. But so far she's doing a lovely job with Dwight and Caroline, and since I'm all about Dwight and Caroline when I read the books, that's what I care about most!

But Poldark is no longer on my live viewing schedule, because Y Gwyll began its third season last night on S4C, delegating Poldark to catch-up viewing. It's the first time I've managed to catch Y Gwyll for the Welsh language version on S4C - two seasons in a row I've managed to completely miss it thanks to not realising it was on, and had to catch the bilingual Welsh-English version Hinterland on the BBC a few months later. So the next few Sundays are going to be all about Y Gwyll, which remains as atmospheric and as plot dense as ever.

In other news, family stuff remains difficult - my little sister is not coping with motherhood, the combination of autism and post-natal depression sending her into something of a spiral, leaving her intensely vulnerable and easy prey for negative influences, to which she is sadly susceptible. One so-called friend in particular is taking advantage in a big way, and nothing anyone says or does seems to pull her out of the spiral. So the burden of childcare falls to my parents, who are applying for a child arrangement order to safeguard the baby's future. Layla-May, however, remains oblivious to all of this - she is the happiest little soul in the world (except when you turn a camera in her direction, whereupon she becomes very solemn). At 13 months she is very tall and very active - she's not just walking confidently, she spends all day running, non-stop! One day she might even have hair...

But my Mum and Dad are in their late 60s, and it's a big burden for them to take on, so I am stepping up as the support system and am currently spending a lot of time being Aunty 'Ro-Ro'.

random fic

Aug. 20th, 2015 10:38 am
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Once upon a time I watched the 1975 TV adaptation of Poldark, because it came up on my Lovefilm DVD rental list, having been added on a whim. They sent me the discs and I watched the show and really enjoyed it, even though the only currently available DVD version of it is missing a large chunk of content, which got edited out for whatever legal or technical reason. And then earlier this year there was a new TV adaptation of the story, which I watched and found very pretty and atmospheric, but strangely different to the older version, in all kinds of ways, some of them good and some of them bad, and I wanted a baseline for comparison so I decided to read the books. Well, I decided to read just one of the books, and take it from there...and the next thing I knew I was totally immersed in this epic 12-book series, and reached the conclusion that neither TV adaptation really does justice to the story, although each has its strengths and weaknesses.

And then, out of nowhere, I wrote this, just because:

Title: Caroline
Fandom: Poldark
Characters: Caroline Penvenen, Ross Poldark, Verity Blamey, Dwight Enys
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The Black Moon
Summary: July 1795: Caroline is reunited with Dwight. You don't really need to know the source material to read this: it's just a short, sweet Austen-era story about the reunion of two lovers long divided by family, misunderstanding and war
Disclaimer: The Poldark novels were written by Winston Graham and are the property of his estate. These characters (and a portion of dialogue) have been borrowed for this story, from which no profit is made.
Author's Note: This plot-beat plays out in an altered format in the 1975 TV adaptation (and will presumably take place, in some form, in the new 2015 adaptation eventually), but the continuity used here is drawn direct from the novel. There, the culmination of this three-book sub-plot is told exclusively from Ross's perspective, rather than that of the individuals more intimately concerned. I wanted to explore Caroline's take on proceedings.

Read the story behind the cut )

Archived at AO3
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Here, have some pretty bluebell pics to celebrate May bank holiday - these aren't quite in full flush, but almost there

It's been a bit of a funny weekend. Chelsea's gone to stay with Deb and Ray in Kent, so I went with Mum and Dad for the trip to Reading to hand her over because they'd decided to take in Bowood House Gardens on the way back - rather than the full shebang, we just visited the rhododendron garden, which was in full bloom. And it was a lot drier in Wiltshire in Saturday than it was in Cardiff, so we planned that well! Then yesterday there were a lot of panic-stricken phone calls because Chelsea was having a spot of bleeding, so Deb had to take her to the hospital to be checked out. She ended up having her second scan in a week, but the upshot is that the baby is fine - the sonographer said she was dancing in there. The bleeding they think was caused by a hormonal dip, and just to keep a sharp eye on her for now. She'll be coming home tomorrow.

I would post some more pics of the Bowood rhododendron gardens, but that would mean sorting them out - another day! Instead, here are some pics I took at Swansea last weekend, when I went for a meet with [livejournal.com profile] welshdreamer and [livejournal.com profile] bagpuss1966 and some others, for a lovely meal and a hike along the coastal path from Mumbles point, and then a trip up the Meridian Tower followed by ice cream!

This is the view from the Meridian Tower - not bad!

In other news, Poldark's first season came to an end. The cinematography was gorgeous throughout and the actors gave it their all, but I was slightly more disappointed than delighted by the adaptation as a whole - I found it quite superficial, skating over the heart of the story and over-simplifying many of the themes, to their detriment. The show set itself out to tell a hero's tale about Ross Poldark, but then had to twist to achieve it (undermining some supporting characters and sub-plots considerably) because Winston Graham's books are not a hero's tale - Ross is not the hero of the story, but the central protagonist in a broader tale about the ups and downs of life in Cornwall in the 1780s, which really isn't the same thing. Still, it was entertaining enough as Sunday night viewing, and inspired me to both read the books and invest in the 1970s adaptation to rewatch.
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So we're halfway through the series on Poldark, and watching this last episode I finally managed to let go of the 1975 adaptation and love this version completely for its own sake. Perhaps it was the slight switch in focus that did it - up till now, we've been focused intently on Ross's story, but episode four was more Demelza's story and Eleanor Tomlinson won me over completely. Such a lovely episode! And I know everything that's to come, but none of that diminishes this little oasis of happiness mid-season in the slightest.

Also, female friendships for the win. Demelza and Verity were adorable, and they weren't the only ones.

Aaaand, season two of The Musketeers came to an end last week. It was patchier than season one - and I was mostly frustrated with Marc Warren's Rochefort as the villain; I know he can be fantastic, so his permanently one-note performance was disappointing in its lack of nuance - but I enjoyed the season anyway, taken overall. Felt really bad for poor Marguerite, chewed up and spat out by the plot - and Dr Lemay, the most genuinely nice character we've seen on the show. The season's had its ups and downs, but I loved how it ended on a note of 'the adventure continues', to lead us into season three - which is too far away!


Jun. 8th, 2014 10:11 pm
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Also this week I finished watching the first season of Poldark, on rental from lovefilm. I'd only ever seen bits and pieces before, knew the show mostly by reputation, stuck it on my rental list fairly randomly, had it pop through my letterbox also fairly randomly...and was hooked immediately. Hooked enough to barely care that the stupid DVD version features compilation volumes rather than individual episodes, so the show comes in 3 hour chunks (and has a significant amount of material edited out completely).

It's great. I love everyone (almost). They're all so very flawed and human (bad fake Cornish accents and all). Demelza is now my darling.

Why are the BBC remaking this show? The original is so good! All my Downton Abbey-loving flisties should totally get over any irrational fear they may have of 1970s TV and watch it because it's better.

Having said all that, I know I'll watch the remake anyway because: Aidan Turner. But still.


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