Jan. 5th, 2017 02:29 pm
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So yesterday I went out after work to have a bite to eat before finally making it to the cinema to watch the new Star Wars film, Rogue One - which, spoiler alert ). So I didn't get home until almost 10pm, whereupon I was perturbed by a hissing sound coming from the cupboard under the stairs.

One of the water pipes had sprung a leak. In the cupboard. Which is a big cupboard, in which I store everything that needs to be stored out of sight. All of which is now soaked.

But I have a landlord, and the landlord has a maintenance guy and a plumber on retainer. So I contact the plumber. He informs me that he's off work sick and I need to contact the maintenance guy. I contact the maintenance guy. He's not answering. I leave a message. I go to bed. Except that my bedroom is right by the cupboard, so all I can hear is the hisssssssss of leaking water, so I can't sleep. So I take my pillow and quilt through to the lounge and sleep on the sofa instead.

Morning comes. Maintenance guy finally makes contact and promises to come look at the leak asap. I have to go to work, because there's an event on today that I organised and I have to be there for it, so I go to work and I go to the event. The food is great. Maintenance guy gets in touch to say he's fixed the leak.

But now. Now, I'm going to have to go home and face the dreaded mopping up, figure out what can be salvaged and what'll have to be chucked. My box of Christmas decorations is soaked! I just put them away! My fan heater, my little fibre optic Christmas tree, the strimmer - so much electrical stuff, now wet. Bah humbug.

Happy new year, eh.


Nov. 23rd, 2016 09:20 pm
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Another random flyby update, because time she does fly! I can't believe it's the end of November already - how did that happen? Where did the time go?

For whoever cares, season three of Y Gwyll continues apace on S4C - the English version Hinterland should pop up on one or other of the BBC channels sometime after Christmas, so watch out for that. There's a really huge plot twist at the end of what on S4C was episode two, but on the BBC will probably be episode one, since they tend to merge the two-part stories into one longer episode shown on one night - so watch out for that!

In other telly news, I've been following the new Doctor Who spin-off, Class, and loving all the location-spotting! The location used for the Coal Hill Academy site is just up the road from my office, our shiny new Hadyn Ellis building (I remember when that was just a new build project we talked about endlessly in Estates Liaison meetings, and now look at it). Once I'd recognised it, I remember all the fuss when they were filming up there, and all the fake flower petals all over the road! Also, April's house is just around the corner from where I used to live, by St John's Church. Oh, and there are plots and characters as well, I guess...

In Old TV news, My Power of the Daleks DVD arrived today - a shiny new animated version of a completely missing Doctor Who adventure. Just when we thought the Classic Who DVD range was over and done with, they produce this! I sat down after work intending to watch just an episode or two, but ended up marathoning all six. I really enjoyed it - I'd read the novelisation previously, so already knew the story, but had never made it through the recon. However cheap the animation, it apparently made all the difference for me! The story is long and slow-paced, it's true, but I found it tightly plotted with strong worldbuilding and a sense of tension that escalated inexorably from episode to episode, while the Daleks are really creepy here - so manipulative and subversive. The wholesale slaughter in episode six is a bit grim, but certainly sells the high stakes, while Troughton makes an immediate impression and is well and truly cemented as the Doctor by the time we reach the end of the story - the success of this first ever regeneration is the reason the show is still on air today, 50 years later. Great stuff.

In work news, I am very happy for my colleague J, who has just gone off on adoption leave after being matched for adoption at last - they were approved way back in February, but had to wait until October before they were matched, and now have their children at home living with them at last. A little boy who just turned two, and a baby girl who will be one in December - just 14 months between them and much younger than they were expecting, so it's all a bit intense and chaotic for them at the moment, but such a precious time as they get to know one another and bond. Hooray for J and M and happy new home to little N and G.

In family news, my older sister has a diagnosis at last, almost five years after she was rushed into hospital with crippling migraine and intracranial pressure three times higher than it should be. Well, she has a partial diagnosis, at least, after finally, finally persuading a consultant to look at all her symptoms instead of each one individually. They have decided that she has fibromyalgia and osteo-arthritis. But the outcome of her sleep trial for apnoea isn't in yet, and they still don't know what to make of the oligoclonal banding found in her spinal fluid, so the diagnosis remains incomplete. But at least she is beginning to get somewhere at last.

In other family news, look at this baby getting all tall and chatty!

In the first picture, that's her reaction every time her absolute favourite Bing comes on the telly. Layla-May adores Bing. In the last pic, she is explaining at great length and volume why it is vitally important to stop and bang on every bench we pass. For science. She also tells lots of babbling baby jokes and then laughs at them. Funny baby. One day, she might even have hair.

I have become Yo, incidentally. And she calls herself Yay-Yay!

In other, other news, have some pretty pictures I took around and about the city this autumn. Every single one of these was taken at the heart of the city centre, believe it or not. Having nearly four miles of unbroken parkland stretching through the middle of city has its benefits!

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Is it mean-spirited to spend Halloween hiding in the back room with all the lights switched off? I just really kind of resent the commercial hijacking of an ancient pagan tradition - and I especially resent that it's become an excuse for all the neighbourhood kids to learn extortion. So I'm hiding.

I haven't updated in a while, since free time is becoming a rare commodity. I have found time to check out the new Doctor Who spin-off, though - Class is currently airing on Saturdays on BBC3. I think I'm well and truly past the target demographic, but I'm enjoying it anyway, it's been promising so far. I've always enjoyed Katherine Kelly's work and I'm loving her as Miss Quill, and I like the other characters too (although the show does fall into the eternal telly trope of hiring 20-somethings to play teenagers). Plus, it's the first high school show I've ever seen that actually reflects the kind of ethnic demographic that was my personal high school experience, so there's that (in my A'level history class there were eight students, of which two were white, the rest from a variety of backgrounds - none of us noticed until the teacher pointed it out, because we didn't think of each other that way). And, you know, it's the Whoniverse. I'm liking it more than I liked the last few seasons of the main show!

Also on my tellybox currently is the second season of Poldark, which is still very beautiful and all the actors are very lovely, and the show is doing a better job of balancing and interweaving sub-plots than it did in season one, although it continues to deviate from the source material in sometimes inexplicable and damaging ways - I really wish Debbie Horsfield had more faith in Graham's novels as written. I also wish she'd read the entire series before attempting to adapt it! She has admitted she only read each book as she adapted it, and it shows - she's had to backpeddle more than once as a result of this approach. But so far she's doing a lovely job with Dwight and Caroline, and since I'm all about Dwight and Caroline when I read the books, that's what I care about most!

But Poldark is no longer on my live viewing schedule, because Y Gwyll began its third season last night on S4C, delegating Poldark to catch-up viewing. It's the first time I've managed to catch Y Gwyll for the Welsh language version on S4C - two seasons in a row I've managed to completely miss it thanks to not realising it was on, and had to catch the bilingual Welsh-English version Hinterland on the BBC a few months later. So the next few Sundays are going to be all about Y Gwyll, which remains as atmospheric and as plot dense as ever.

In other news, family stuff remains difficult - my little sister is not coping with motherhood, the combination of autism and post-natal depression sending her into something of a spiral, leaving her intensely vulnerable and easy prey for negative influences, to which she is sadly susceptible. One so-called friend in particular is taking advantage in a big way, and nothing anyone says or does seems to pull her out of the spiral. So the burden of childcare falls to my parents, who are applying for a child arrangement order to safeguard the baby's future. Layla-May, however, remains oblivious to all of this - she is the happiest little soul in the world (except when you turn a camera in her direction, whereupon she becomes very solemn). At 13 months she is very tall and very active - she's not just walking confidently, she spends all day running, non-stop! One day she might even have hair...

But my Mum and Dad are in their late 60s, and it's a big burden for them to take on, so I am stepping up as the support system and am currently spending a lot of time being Aunty 'Ro-Ro'.


Sep. 26th, 2016 09:34 am
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Weekend spent buying furniture, building furniture, dismantling and disposing of old furniture, and moving things around. My flat now looks very different, is well on its way to being considerably more baby-safe than it was, and now contains a cot, highchair and changing mat for Layla visits.

I am in love with my new rocking chair. Unfortunately, so is Poppy!

Also over the weekend, Alfred the Great became poorly and had to go to the vet, who suspects cystitis, which means that I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to get a urine sample off him!

Collecting a urine sample from a cat = easier said than done! I had to lock him in the bathroom with lots of water and a special litter tray for hours - and then he knocked it over, so we had to start all over again. Finally managed to extract a sufficient sample from the tray with my specially provided pipette, so that'll be dropped off at the vet for analysis today, to hopefully get him on the road to recovery.

The things we do for our pets...

Am feeling very poor this week.
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1. Something was filmed on my street yesterday afternoon, but alas I will likely never know what it is*, because I was at work and not at home watching.

*Unless, of course, I happen to recognise my street while watching something over the next few months!

2. My colleague finally gave birth to her baby on Tuesday! I say finally, he's actually two weeks early still, but his birth has supposedly been imminent for weeks now - she was taken into hospital at 28 weeks because they thought she was about to go (her last baby was born at 31 weeks), but evidently the bed rest did the trick as she made it to 38 weeks before popping! Baby is 8lb5 so a real bruiser compared to the last one, who was only 3lb11 - also, another very fast delivery. Active labour was just 15 minutes this time, compared to 20 minutes with her last baby! So, congratulations to Sarah, Dylan and Holly on the safe arrival of little Alex.

3. Layla-May cut her first tooth this week, hallelujah - she's been teething for about five months without anything ever actually coming through, so it was about time, really. Look at this tall, happy little sunflower!

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I just had a letter put through my door from BBC Wales informing me that they will be filming just up the road on Wednesday 24 August (cooperation of residents is requested to keep the road clear on that day)

But dammit, they expect to be filming between 2-4pm and I’ll be at work so won’t get to see what they are doing?

What shows are filming in Cardiff at the moment? Doctor Who? Class? Casualty? Holby City? Pobol y Cwm? Could be any one of them!


Oct. 3rd, 2015 09:00 am
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1. Well, the new semester has just barely begun and already Freshers Flu is rife all through the department. Atchoo!

2. This is how my city has chosen to mark the Rugby World Cup:

It just appeared one morning. Hilarious!

3. It's been one of those weeks. I went back to work on Monday after a week off to find that one of my colleagues had died while I was on leave! Not a direct colleague within my department, but the maintenance manager from Estates. Bless him, Ron is the only person in the entire university who has their name highlighted in my telephone directory, I rang him that often, because he was the person I liaised with every time about redecoration projects and repair work and all the rest of it. I knew he was unwell, and had guessed from small clues that it was cancer, but he didn't like to talk about it - always brushed it off and maintained his image as the chirpy little sparrow. I spoke to him just a week before he died, he was still in work, although probably shouldn't have been. Turns out, it wasn't the cancer that killed him, though. He took his own life. That's what's so awful about it. He had cancer of the oesophagus and was due to have surgery just a couple of days after he died, but he'd already had three rounds of surgery and it kept coming seems he just couldn't take any more. He took an overdose. It's really horrible to think of him being so scared and unhappy and not feeling able to talk to anyone about it. :( Rest in peace, Ronnie.

4. On a more pragmatic note, I have all kinds of outstanding jobs with Ron that will probably never now be completed!

5. Also this week, we've had a two-day bus strike, which coincided with train problems and Rugby World Cup road closures, so that thanks to a combination of all these factors I ended up walking to and from work for two days straight, a journey of over an hour each way. Which...I actually quite like the walk, because most of it is through parkland and along the river, and will picspam on that subject another day, but still! Good thing the weather's been so lovely this week, crisp and clear. I'd have had a harder time of it if it had rained!

6. When I moved into this flat two years ago and began to turn the wasteland out back into an actual garden, I made a point of planting a lot of bee and butterfly friendly flowers, to encourage insects. I wasn't, however, expecting to end up with a whole colony of these guys!

This, apparently, is a speckled bush cricket, although it looks more green than speckled to me. I've got loads of them, they've been living mainly in my mint and salvia all summer, but the one I photographed was chilling on a rose leaf, enjoying a spot of late afternoon sun. This is the rose:

Pretty, yes? It's called Harry Wheatcroft and was the very first plant to be planted in my garden.

7. During my week off work the week before last, I didn't really do much beyond hang out at my mum's house helping out with the new baby, because Chelsea was really unwell after her traumatic birth, but I did take a day to go for a walk along the promenade and cliff path in Penarth, which is always lovely. Look at this view across to Flatholm and Steepholm and the north coast of Somerset:

Timing is everything - while admiring the view, a gorgeous square-rigged tall ship came sailing along from the west, past the islands...

And around toward Cardiff Bay:

All she needed was Captain Jack Sparrow!

8. My Uncle Colin is in hospital having a coronary bypass today - and while his wife is in New Zealand visiting their daughter and grandchildren, as well! Get well soon, Uncle Col!

9. Layla-May is three weeks old today and gorgeous:

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1. I seem to have caught another cold, just in time to go back to work tomorrow. Good job, body!

2. My next door neighbours appear to be renovating their bathroom, a process which apparently mostly involves throwing lots of rubbish out of the bathroom window into the garden below. It's very noisy!

3. I'm liking my new upstairs neighbours, mostly because they are really quiet and I never see them, except for the odd morning here and there when the fella is on an early shift and gets the same bus as me.

4. I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special and didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. I was mostly disappointed not to see the back of you-know-who. Ah well. Maybe we'll get a clean sweep for the season after...

5. I'm very happy to have The Musketeers back on my tellybox for a new season of lighthearted buckle-swashing fun, with new Broadchurch starting this week as well. Should be good!

6. I seem to have done loads of writing over the Christmas break, although current story still has miles to go before it's done. I feel like I'm making headway, though! It would be nice to manage more than one or two a year, but it seems to be all I can manage, at best.

7. Do I really got to go back to work tomorrow?

8. Have been watching the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series on rental from Lovefilm recently, only an episode or two to go. It's been fun! Interesting to compare both with other shows from the same era (such as Doctor Who) and with its own legends, many of which don't actually bear much resemblance to what was on-screen in that first season. Clearly collective memory is as warped for Trek as it is for Who - fans would tell each other what they thought they remembered, and by a process of Chinese whispers the legend was formed. Well, collective opinion even of currently airing shows can be twisted by the Chinese whisper effect among fandom, never mind back when shows couldn't be re-watched easily (or, indeed, at all).

9. Currently re-reading the Harry Potter series for the first time since the books came out - fun!

10. I have run out of things to say so I'll shut up now.
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Went to see the Lion King stage show at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay last night - absolutely beautiful! The costumes are amazing.

Although I'm not sure Mufasa was supposed to stumble up Pride Rock in the opening number, I'm almost certain he's meant to be more majestic than that, and I was slightly distracted when a light in the bank just to the right of the stage blew out in the final set piece...but overall it was absolutely gorgeous - 10/10 recommend seeing it, if you get the chance!

And then today we had out little little Christmas carol concert in work, which was lovely. We do it every year, on the last Thursday before Christmas: everyone crowds into the Reception area, a few staff members bring in musical instruments and we all sing our hearts out, all traditional Christmas carols - even the senior managers and directors come out of their Very Important executive board meeting to join the festivities - and there’s a collection for a nominated charity (this year cancer research, in memory of our friend and colleague John who died earlier this year), one of the engineers does a funny Christmas reading, and then afterward there’s mince pies provided by the Director.


If I could just shake this stupid cold, I'd declare myself ready for Christmas!


Oct. 3rd, 2014 07:59 pm
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1. I have new neighbours! They moved in on Wednesday, a young couple named Lisa and Phil. So far so good, but I have to get used to hearing people moving around upstairs again now - it's been so lovely and quiet since Samar and the kids moved out back in the summer.

2. I am loving the new season of Scott and Bailey.

3. But find I have lost interest in New Tricks - I forgot to watch it one week early in this new season and never quite picked it up again, and feel no urge to do so. It's a little sad, as I loved it so much, but with 3/4 of the original cast gone, I find my emotional bond with the show is gone with them.

4. Enjoying having Downton Abbey back, on the other hand, for all its manifold flaws. I suppose that's the thing about TV: everything is flawed in one way or another, what matters is whether what you enjoy about it outweighs those flaws. If the show captures you, you barely even notice the flaws, whereas if it doesn't capture you, the flaws are all you see. And then there are those that start out as the former but slowly become the latter - every show ever made exists somewhere on that spectrum!

5. tvtorrents has been down for ages. I didn't expect to miss it, as I watch so few shows these days, but because I can't dl anything without it (I don't trust other sites) I find I want to!
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Okay, so one of the things I did recently was spend a day out in Cowbridge with my mother. Cowbridge is a pretty little market town a few miles west of Cardiff. It has quirky little shops to wander around, and it also has a medieval Physic Garden, which was restored about 10 years ago and is now freely open to the public.

In the Physic Garden, I found this:

To Laudanum
"Thou faithful friend in all my grief
In thy soft arms I find relief
In thee forget my woes
Unfeeling waste my wintry day
And pass with thee the night away
Reclin'd in soft repose"

Yep,you read it right, that's an ode to laudanum, written by the bard Iolo Morgannwg in 1794. Because why wouldn't an 18th century poet write an ode to the virtues of opium!

on alert

Sep. 4th, 2014 08:00 pm
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We had a minor bomb scare in work this morning. That was exciting at 8.40am when I'd barely even walked through the door and hadn't officially started work even. False alarm - suspicious package left in the porch - but better safe than sorry. At least we weren't evacuated for long this time.

It was really eerie around the centre today. We've had lane closures for a few weeks now while the security fencing went up ahead of this NATO conference, but today the roads around the centre were closed completely and it felt really fricking eerie - so quiet, no traffic, only police, so very many police. This is apparently the biggest security operation this nation has ever undertaken and I can believe it. So many police! The centre was like a ghost town all day - and then I had to fight my way through crowds (hoping for a glimpse of a VIP) to a bus stop (not even my usual bus stop, that was closed) in search of a bus that might take me even part-way home. Made it away before the worst of the crowds and demonstrators built up.

Loads of helicopters going over now.

I hope all the heads of state enjoy their dinner at the castle tonight. The banqueting hall is very lovely, I'd rather like to have a meal there myself, if only money were no object. I'm not sure what their discussions can achieve in only two days with so much turbulence in the world right now, but I hope something positive comes of it all.

Another week and we get our streets back to normal.
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1. Father Mine seems to be recovering nicely after his knee replacement - almost two weeks on and he is well enough to be bored, hobbling around the house getting under my mother's feet and sneaking out when she isn't looking to take the dog for a short walk!

2. The day before Dad had his surgery, his cousin Alma also went under the knife - in her case it was the third surgery since Christmas, which is not to be sniffed at for someone who is 80 now. She's had melanoma - it started on her leg and was removed some years ago, then they found it in her nose a few months back, hence the multiple surgeries, which thank goodness have seen every last scrap of the cancer removed. Unfortunately they also saw every last scrap of cartilage removed, so she's basically had to have her entire nose rebuilt, but she's very philosophical about that. "I've always wanted a smaller, cuter nose," she told the surgeon. "And I've had to wait till I'm 80, so please make it cute!" Bless her she's out and about already and in great spirits. I'm very fond of Alma, so hopefully she has many more years in her yet!

3. I took the plunge and invested in a new computer at the weekend, taking with me not one but two technical advisers to help choose which one. I ended up with a laptop - at the upper end of my price limit but much higher spec than I expected to be able to afford thanks to being substantially reduced as last-in-store, and so far so good. I'm delighted with the speed and functionality now that I've got it set up the way I want it, and although I haven't reinstalled all my old programmes yet, I haven't come across any that won't work on Windows 8 yet, so fingers crossed that continues!

4. Also at the weekend, I held a working bee to dig a couple of borders around my scrubby little lawn out back and got a few plants into the ground. There's still a lot of work to do, but by summer I might even have a nice garden to enjoy.
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Time to admit defeat and administer last rites to my trust old PC I'm afraid. It's been dying slowly for months now, getting slower and slower, but it's been a faithful old friend to me for years, set up with all my programmes just the way I like it, so I've been loathe to replace it, but the time has come at last to say goodbye. Because trusty old PC runs on XP, which goes out of service as of next week. So why not upgrade the operating system, I hear you ask. Well, because poor trusty old PC simply doesn't have the processing power to take an upgrade.

So I suppose I'll just have to bite the bullet, tighten my belt and toddle off to the PC shop over the weekend to investigate replacement options. I'll be sad to lose all my customisation and programmes and whatnot, but suspect the speed of a brand new machine might help to console me!
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I have succeeded in perplexing Lloyds Bank.

I moved house at the start of October. I went into my local branch at the time to get my address changed on the system - but have also got a mail re-direct set-up, to be on the safe side. I checked my account online to be sure that the address had been changed and it had. Job done. Except that my bank statements are still being issued to the old address, re-directed to my new house by the mail service (until that re-direct expires in a few weeks). And when I tried to place an online order, the click-safe service wouldn't accept the new post code.

So I trundled off back to my local branch at lunch today to ask what's going on. And they are very perplexed. The little cashier I spoke to scratched his head and went away to phone a friend. The colleague he spoke to was very perplexed. They referred the problem to head office, who were very perplexed. In short, they really don't understand why my address is reading correctly on all their systems yet my statement issue and click-safe are still drawing on an old address that should no longer be in those systems.

Me, I just want this problem resolved so that I don't end up with my private banking details going to a house I no longer live in, which would be like an invitation to fraud.

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I just had a Christmas card and present from a complete stranger.

The doorbell went.

So I go to the door. There's an old man standing there with an armful of gifts and he gives one to me. And it is addressed to my flat. And he also gives me one for the family upstairs. And he says Happy Christmas, welcome to the street, and wanders off, to deliver more gifts to more neighbours. And I have lived here for two months now and have never seen him before!

This is a very different neighbourhood than the one I moved out of.


Nov. 16th, 2013 09:27 am
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1. My Mum and Dad's house sale has fallen through at the final hurdle (the survey - he 'advised' the buyers to push for a 10K drop in price, which...just no). I'm gutted for them, and also very worried because they needed that sale. They don't have my rent to cover the mortgage any more.

2. My cousin's baby daughter was transferred back to the children's hospital in Cardiff yesterday, following her surgery at the specialist heart unit in Bristol. She's doing as well as can be expected, after two major surgeries in a week - the first to repair the holes in her heart, the second to insert a pacemaker because the first surgery didn't repair the defect as well as hoped. Poor baby, only 12 months old and she's already been through so much.

3. I've tried taking the cats out the back three times so far this morning, but every time they go out, they hear a 'scary' noise and rush back inside again. Wusses. But it's too cold to leave the door open for them to come and go as they please!

4. I got run into by a bike on my way to work yesterday. That was fun. On a pedestrianised street, too, where the bike had no business being, especially not that fast. I was walking along minding my business when the bike came flying around a corner, way too fast to swerve, I couldn't get out of the way in time, so it clipped me and sent me spinning, the cyclist nearly came off the bike, and it was all a bit hair-raising for first thing in the morning. Neither of us was hurt, though, so that was good.

5. The BBC has released a pre-anniversary minisode, Night of the Doctor, and have you all seen it? It's fantastic!

Spoilery thoughts )

6. I watched The Science of Doctor Who the other night, with Brian Cox. The little skits with Brian Cox and the Doctor were all kinds of delightful - I have to admit, though, that the science lectures kinda sent me to sleep...

7. I'm really, really looking forward to An Adventure in Space and Time next week. The trailer is all kinds of fabulous - David Bradley just nails Hartnell perfectly.
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Today we took our Sunday School to the park and spent the afternoon playing football and cricket in the rain. You know, as you do. Because Great British Summer.

Sunday pm

Jun. 23rd, 2013 03:14 pm
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There’s a house on fire just across the back from mine - a whole load of sirens just went screaming around the corner: fire engines, ambulance and police. I can’t see any smoke but I can smell it, and the fire fighters have gone in with hoses. I hope everyone’s okay!

Also, I went out into the lane behind the house to see what was going on and the first thing I saw was a rat. Urgh.

Later: fire engines now reversing, fire is out. Homeowners left to assess the damage.


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