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Today I went for a walk around Margam Park in Port Talbot and ran across a film crew filming…something or other, in what looked like a medieval village mocked up for the occasion.

This is after falling over a film crew in an arcade on my way home from work yesterday
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Okay. Today I have: finally completed the Very Long Fic I’ve been working on forever (now comes the re-draft), catalogued most although not all of the jewellery I’ve made over the last year or so, weeded the borders, made up a batch of chemical-free home-made pesticide (i.e. garlic water) to apply to my roses, watered anti-slug and vine weevil nematodes into the entire garden, cooked up a hefty supply of pasta to portion up in the freezer to keep me going, altered a skirt and mended two pairs of leggings.

Not bad for a Saturday at home!
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1. I seem to have caught another cold, just in time to go back to work tomorrow. Good job, body!

2. My next door neighbours appear to be renovating their bathroom, a process which apparently mostly involves throwing lots of rubbish out of the bathroom window into the garden below. It's very noisy!

3. I'm liking my new upstairs neighbours, mostly because they are really quiet and I never see them, except for the odd morning here and there when the fella is on an early shift and gets the same bus as me.

4. I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special and didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. I was mostly disappointed not to see the back of you-know-who. Ah well. Maybe we'll get a clean sweep for the season after...

5. I'm very happy to have The Musketeers back on my tellybox for a new season of lighthearted buckle-swashing fun, with new Broadchurch starting this week as well. Should be good!

6. I seem to have done loads of writing over the Christmas break, although current story still has miles to go before it's done. I feel like I'm making headway, though! It would be nice to manage more than one or two a year, but it seems to be all I can manage, at best.

7. Do I really got to go back to work tomorrow?

8. Have been watching the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series on rental from Lovefilm recently, only an episode or two to go. It's been fun! Interesting to compare both with other shows from the same era (such as Doctor Who) and with its own legends, many of which don't actually bear much resemblance to what was on-screen in that first season. Clearly collective memory is as warped for Trek as it is for Who - fans would tell each other what they thought they remembered, and by a process of Chinese whispers the legend was formed. Well, collective opinion even of currently airing shows can be twisted by the Chinese whisper effect among fandom, never mind back when shows couldn't be re-watched easily (or, indeed, at all).

9. Currently re-reading the Harry Potter series for the first time since the books came out - fun!

10. I have run out of things to say so I'll shut up now.


Jul. 2nd, 2014 06:37 am
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Once upon a time when I was a teenager, I had a piano teacher who was a bit of a hippy, and by 'bit of a hippy' I mean really very. She was called Saffron, although that wasn't her real name, and she had two daughters called Jane and Rachel.

One day, Saffron stopped being our piano teacher because she'd decided to move her family up to the outer Hebrides to catch lobsters for a living. You know, as you do. As part of this fresh start, she told Jane and Rachel that they could choose new names and they decided to re-name themselves Emily and Rose. And off they all went.

A few years later, I bumped into Saffron in town and stopped for a chat. She'd returned to Cardiff to open a shop, she told me, after realising that you can't actually make a living catching lobsters in the Hebrides.

I wanted to ask after her daughters, but wasn't sure which names to use. Had they really stuck with those new names they'd chosen for themselves? Or had they reverted to the names they'd used all their lives? I compromised on a euphemism and asked after 'the girls'.

"Oh, they're fine," said Saffron. "The older one is doing ABC and the younger one is doing XYZ..."

Older one. Younger one. Those were the names she used.

So I wondered. Did she think I couldn't remember their names? Was she not sure what names they'd been using when I knew them? Had they changed their names so many times since that she could no longer remember herself what they were called? Had they changed their names so many times that they no longer had names at all?

I didn't like to ask!


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