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I just had an email from a senior manager asking if I could supply a chair to a desk that doesn’t have one, for a staff member moving into that office as of next week, which - it’s 3.30 on a Friday afternoon! We don’t have any chairs in storage! I can’t just pull a working task chair out of a hat! I am not a magician!

But then I remembered that there’s a spare chair in another office, so I popped over and collected that one and took it to the desk where it is needed, which means…

Dammit. My reputation as a magician is cemented and everyone is going to continue to believe I can conjure up chairs out of thin air at 3.30 on a Friday afternoon!
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What's going on? I have enjoyed two episodes of Doctor Who in a row now - if it carries on like this, I might actually start to get optimistic again!

I don't think either episode is perfect, by any means, there are weaknesses aplenty in terms of both plot and pacing - there's plenty I could say about this last episode becoming flabby and preachy toward the end and falling apart slightly in the resolution - but I can't quite bring myself to care, because Bill is like a breath of fresh air and the Doctor actually seems to be enjoying himself again, and I'm just so relieved.
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dammit, now another colleague has got cancer - throat and mouth, when she’s already had breast cancer and survived

Pray for Nathalie. And for Joan, who was given six months to live about this time last year but is still hanging in there. This department has been hard hit the last few years. We lost the two Johns in as many years. And Ronnie. We lost two departmental wives just last year, and another is terminal now.

Cancer is a bitch
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I actually...quite liked tonight's Doctor Who. There were some scenes and details I side-eyed dubiously and I still don't like Nardole, and Moffat's overall style remains very much not my general taste, but even so, I managed to pretty much enjoy almost an entire episode. I can't remember the last time that happened.

Now, was it a one off? Or does this bode well for the season to come?

It helped that a large chunk of the episode was filmed just up the road from my office, so there was some truly class location-spotting going on! Plus a few moments of, 'hang on, you can't get there from there!'
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#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

Blimey, have I really had this journal as long as that! I don't always post very often these days, and I know this site is politically dodgy these days, but I've never been able to bring myself to give up the history I have here.
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Decided to throw up the second of these Musketeers recaps I did, before Life came crashing back down once more - there are two more after this, maybe some day I'll manage the rest, as well...or I might go back to the stalled Doctor Who reviews, now that Power of the Daleks is out on DVD as an animation, since it was the frankly impenetrable recon of that serial which stopped the project dead in its tracks! But for now, The Musketeers 1x02:

"The secret to a good trick? Make people look the wrong way."

Review behind the cut )
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Here, have some wild garlic along the Taff Trail

Last spring I very naughtily dug up a clump (shhh - but it won't be missed, the trail is thick with the stuff!) and planted it at the bottom of my garden!

Okay, tree. I'm looking left. Why am I looking left?
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In case anyone is interested and hadn't already noticed, the third and final season of Hinterland began on BBC Wales tonight - available to English viewers via iPlayer, and probably also on BBC4 or one of the other subsidiary channels.
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"I can't rest until I know the truth."

Disclaimer: I wrote this ages ago and wasn't going to post it, because I have so many incomplete review projects already and already know up-front that I won't finish this one either, especially since I have so very little free time at the moment - this was written over a period of about a month, in tiny snatches here and there! I managed to complete four out of ten first season episodes before my time blew up and the project came to a grinding halt, and I was planning to just keep them for myself and not bother posting at all. But what the heck, LJ has given me extra storage capacity, so I decided to throw this one up anyway, just because. Feel free to scroll on past - but be warned, the recap got very long, once I got going, so it has to be split over three entries.
Further disclaimer: I made the screencaps below, but not the gifs*, which have been collected piecemeal from around Teh Interwebz, credit at the end.
Also, I've slightly back-dated this post, so no one is going to see it anyway!

So. The Musketeers! I always end up recapping my favourite shows in the end, if only in part, so perhaps it was inevitable that I'd be unable to resist going over this one, at least in part, now it is over, since I really did love it and have many thoughts about it.

Okay, so the show may not be high art and it may never win any awards, but it is an excellent example of what it is: a rollicking, swashbuckling action-adventure series, full of friendship, romance and drama, imperfect but loads of fun. I don't expect anyone to read this, I was just having a re-watch and one thought led to another, and I found myself scribbling notes, because that's a thing that I do, and then expanded on those notes, and then I was dipping into my collection of gifs and screencaps, and now here we are. Writing all this was pure self-indulgence, scratching an itch – sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes serious, just like the show itself.

'Friends and Enemies' is where it all starts.

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On to Part Two
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Went to see the new live action Beauty & the Beast tonight.

My word, Dan Stevens has come a long, long way since he had my sister's cast off dining set to help him start out as a struggling penniless newlywed!


Mar. 23rd, 2017 09:35 am
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Okay, so this question passed across my dash on Tumblr the other day: We have 2 modern retellings of Sherlock Holmes (tv shows). Why not The Three Musketeers?? I'm sure it can be done! (As it has been done in fan fiction A LOT.) Let's plot!! :D What would be your version of The Three Musketeers in modern time? Elite police task force? Undercover agents (this is my fav)? Or just a group of misfits? TELL ME!

And it got me thinking. What kind of show would that story be, if re-told in a modern setting?

And...I know Sue probably won't agree, but the inescapable conclusion I came to was: The Professionals! The Musketeers in a modern setting would totally be The Professionals, of course it would. I mean, think about it: slightly maverick law enforcement department whose brief is much wider than that of the police, a body of elite special agents recruited as the best of the best, dealing with anything and everything from spies to terrorists to protection details, and using sometimes unorthodox methods to fight fire with fire. Gruff departmental controller who must navigate the murky world of political intrigue in order to do his job. Devoted brotherhood of agents putting their lives on the line daily and willing to do just about anything for one another. Action-packed show full of banter, drama, humour and emotion. The parallels are all there!

No wonder I love both shows so much. :D

This behind-the-scenes pic is what they'd look like as modern-type agents:

The AU practically writes itself! (But don't worry, I'm not gonna!)
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Oh, such a week, such a week. Little Sis finally managed to break free of the abusive relationship she's been trapped in for months, spiralling downward ever since she was so ill after having the baby (which this other girl took full advantage of). She'd been locked in, so she had to climb out of a window. It's all kicking off now. The other girl was arrested last night.

Will post more when my brain is coherent again.


Mar. 5th, 2017 08:25 pm
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We had some bad news today about my cousin Gavin, who has been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder.

Dammit, he's been through too much in his life to have to deal with this now! He was born with only one kidney, which was withered, and wasn't expected to live more than a few weeks - a year at the absolute most. He is now 38 years old and up till the cancer diagnosis looked to be going strong. By the age of 10 he'd had two kidney transplants, which both failed, and then refused to go back on the waiting list for years so that medicine could advance and improve his chances of the third and final transplant actually working. He has spent most of his life tied to dialysis, with all the knock-on health complaints associated with that, and has had more surgery than I can count. When he finally had his third kidney transplant a few years ago, it gave him a new lease of life and he has never looked back.

After going through so much, it would be too cruel if cancer took him now.

Preliminary tests suggest the cancer is contained within the bladder and can be treated, but waiting on further tests.

All positive thoughts and prayers gratefully accepted.
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And this is what it looks like when you green-screen a pirate baby into a pirate picture!


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