Apr. 29th, 2017

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The one with all the quality h/c! This is the third of the four Musketeers recap/reviews I managed to complete before the project came to a halt when Life stepped in. Maybe one day I'll manage the rest!

"A man is not a commodity."

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Sue! A long time ago I promised I would attempt to complete the set of Pros banners I'd once upon a time started making to accompany episode reviews.

No, I haven't actually finished this project, that's going to take a while longer, but I have made a few, with varying degrees of success, so I thought I'd post a first batch to be going on with, just so you know I haven't forgotten. They aren't wonderful, since a) I'd forgotten everything I ever knew about PS, and b) screencaps from a 40-year-old show don't exactly lend themselves to decent art, but I've given it a go!

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Today I went for a walk around Margam Park in Port Talbot and ran across a film crew filming…something or other, in what looked like a medieval village mocked up for the occasion.

This is after falling over a film crew in an arcade on my way home from work yesterday


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