Apr. 2nd, 2017

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"I can't rest until I know the truth."

Disclaimer: I wrote this ages ago and wasn't going to post it, because I have so many incomplete review projects already and already know up-front that I won't finish this one either, especially since I have so very little free time at the moment - this was written over a period of about a month, in tiny snatches here and there! I managed to complete four out of ten first season episodes before my time blew up and the project came to a grinding halt, and I was planning to just keep them for myself and not bother posting at all. But what the heck, LJ has given me extra storage capacity, so I decided to throw this one up anyway, just because. Feel free to scroll on past - but be warned, the recap got very long, once I got going, so it has to be split over three entries.
Further disclaimer: I made the screencaps below, but not the gifs*, which have been collected piecemeal from around Teh Interwebz, credit at the end.
Also, I've slightly back-dated this post, so no one is going to see it anyway!

So. The Musketeers! I always end up recapping my favourite shows in the end, if only in part, so perhaps it was inevitable that I'd be unable to resist going over this one, at least in part, now it is over, since I really did love it and have many thoughts about it.

Okay, so the show may not be high art and it may never win any awards, but it is an excellent example of what it is: a rollicking, swashbuckling action-adventure series, full of friendship, romance and drama, imperfect but loads of fun. I don't expect anyone to read this, I was just having a re-watch and one thought led to another, and I found myself scribbling notes, because that's a thing that I do, and then expanded on those notes, and then I was dipping into my collection of gifs and screencaps, and now here we are. Writing all this was pure self-indulgence, scratching an itch – sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes serious, just like the show itself.

'Friends and Enemies' is where it all starts.

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