Mar. 23rd, 2017


Mar. 23rd, 2017 09:35 am
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Okay, so this question passed across my dash on Tumblr the other day: We have 2 modern retellings of Sherlock Holmes (tv shows). Why not The Three Musketeers?? I'm sure it can be done! (As it has been done in fan fiction A LOT.) Let's plot!! :D What would be your version of The Three Musketeers in modern time? Elite police task force? Undercover agents (this is my fav)? Or just a group of misfits? TELL ME!

And it got me thinking. What kind of show would that story be, if re-told in a modern setting?

And...I know Sue probably won't agree, but the inescapable conclusion I came to was: The Professionals! The Musketeers in a modern setting would totally be The Professionals, of course it would. I mean, think about it: slightly maverick law enforcement department whose brief is much wider than that of the police, a body of elite special agents recruited as the best of the best, dealing with anything and everything from spies to terrorists to protection details, and using sometimes unorthodox methods to fight fire with fire. Gruff departmental controller who must navigate the murky world of political intrigue in order to do his job. Devoted brotherhood of agents putting their lives on the line daily and willing to do just about anything for one another. Action-packed show full of banter, drama, humour and emotion. The parallels are all there!

No wonder I love both shows so much. :D

This behind-the-scenes pic is what they'd look like as modern-type agents:

The AU practically writes itself! (But don't worry, I'm not gonna!)


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